Zakuro: Vampire!Dean fic excerpt

Right. So. My anger for the horrible Supernatural finale has translated into a rekindled desire to contribute something to the fandom. Obviously, the people need something, anything that evidences basic respect for Dean Winchester, and I've decided I need to provide! I've been going through all my old drafts and found something to start working on again. I am actually working on two separate vampire!Dean fics right now, lmao, but I thought this one would have the more exciting hook.

Where Cathemeral is going to be a h/c wish fulfillment preseries fic, this one, Zakuro, is more Hellsing-inspired, with a focus on action, vampiric magic, and spooky imagery, set in ~S7. I wrote it a number of years ago after a “painful transformation” commentfic prompt at Hoodietime. Sadly, I have not been able to find the post again, but maybe someday. If they're still interested after all these years.

Finished fleshing this out a bit ago. I posted it to tumblr and now I'm posting it here. It’s about 1.5k words. Takes place after Dean has busted himself and Sam out of a stronghold of Crowley’s with a little help from an impromptu vampiric transformation, but as you can see, something went Very Wrong. I guess you could call this Chapter 3?  It's not perfectly 1:1 to its state in the full story, but I wanted to get that last section in there to give you more clues.

Enjoy!!!! Concrit welcome!!!

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The Over Meta-fying of Dean Winchester

I love all these Dean metas as much as the next guy, but I’m getting a little sick of this trend of turning absolutely EVERYTHING into angst.

It’s honestly starting to feel patronizing and dehumanizing the way every single one of Dean’s character quirks is being attributed to abuse. Dean is more than that. Like, look, I eat up drama too, but there comes a point where you have to take a step back and realize that sitting there and patting yourself on the back for being sooooo smart by making connections to someone's damages all day starts to turn into making that damage all that they are.

Just in a single day I've seen Dean's class clown tendencies, the way he eats, and the way he feels about prostitution all being attributed to abuse reactions. It's nowhere near just that, of course. This post has been building up for a long, long time.

All of a sudden Dean's not just an emphatic/sympathetic, stand-up guy that cares about women despite having no real female presence in his life-- He's just been through the same situation and is doing what literally anyone would do as a response. All of a sudden, Dean's not a joker that likes to laugh and can find humor in the darkest places as a great contrast to Sam-- he's just an anxiety-ridden social reject that can't get by any other way. He doesn't really believe these things, it's just a desperate scrabble to cope. All of a sudden Dean doesn't hunt for heroic, altruistic purposes- it's just a salve to his own hurt.

Just because you can think of a reason that a behavior might be connected to damage doesn't mean it's the case. You need to think about how all these opinions build up to a rounded, realistic human being. Few of them are intrinsically wrong individually, but when you pile meta on top of meta on top of meta, the picture you paint starts to get skewed...

I like to do stupid things just to see if someone will notice and laugh. You could easily attribute that to my anxiety and social difficulties, but that isn't really the case. Newsflash: I'm allowed to have benign personality traits. I would still be intact even if I hadn't gone through the hardship and mental disabilities I have. I am a living, breathing person. I'm capable of looking at my own life rationally, of not being utterly controlled by such things in every aspect of my existence. And so is everyone else.

You did notice that Dean took it upon himself to help those around him even before Mary died, right?

I just feel like people need to listen to what Dean is actually trying to tell you for once. I want people to consider that maybe he has a point. I want people to stop just going, "Well, I know better than Dean here, my poor repressed cinnamon roll!!!!" Stop acting like you don't have to listen to what people say because you've decided they're repressed. You sound like those gay!Dean tinfoil hats. Just because you have his best interests in mind doesn't mean you're immune to treating him poorly.

Stop not taking him seriously just because he has problems. Maybe, if Dean's saying the same thing over and over and over again, you should consider his words. Even if you don't agree with him.

People are being very all-or-nothing, too. Calling your Dad an asshole and having issues with him is not confirmation that he hit you, for fuck's sake. I would definitely call my Dad an asshole. I would and have had problems and bitterness with people that call him a "wonderful father". But that doesn't mean he's horrifically abused me, it doesn't mean I don't love him-- It just means exactly what I just fucking told you: He's an asshole. Nothing more. Nothing less. I’m not saying this is what Dean’s dad was like, but I am saying that people that actually know other people have more insight on them than you do.

Maybe people do consider this, but I’m just not getting the impression of it. I’m just not.

And I'm sorry, but this insistence on, this slash-conspiracist-esque obsession with prostitute!Dean is disturbing, quite frankly. All this "I JUST LOVE UNDERAGE PROSTITUTE DEAN FICS" is just... Why do you want to believe that so badly? Why does it excite you so much to believe that Dean has been abused in every way imaginable?

So I accidentally spoiled 11x16 for myself, and HOLY. SHIT.

My WILDEST dreams have been simultaneously realized and destroyed.

Bizarrely enough, I've been looking for fics on this very subject all day today. (No luck though; sorry.)

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And so I must ask... At what point is it reasonable to put mildly spoilery imagery in your icons?

So I've come to the conclusion that Adam Glass is a dumb cunt, and...

... Just because it happened on Supernatural doesn't mean it's correct, you idiots.

I'm behind the times when it comes to Supernatural. I know what's going on, but when it comes to specifics in later episodes, I'm not up to date.

I've heard a lot about why people hate John Winchester. In trying to characterize him properly for my next fic, I've decided to skip ahead and read tidbits from future episodes. I've just read up about 9x07, and there are two glaring, blinding pieces of absolute bullshit I need to talk about: John and Dean's garbage, contradictory characterizations. I mean... I just...

Do you seriously expect me to believe that a man so clearly motivated by absolute fear for his childrens' safety when the original creators of the show were still working that he curtailed their childhoods in the process would fucking dump his son off to Juvie?

Are you fucking serious?

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There's something else that pissed me off about this episode, too. Apparently Glass is the kind of jackass that thinks good characterization is "revealing" something about a character that goes against prior characterization, because it's shocking to the viewers or whatever. I've seen this a lot in fanfiction, been baffled by its condtradictory nature, but I always sort of assumed it was an effort to up the angst. But not so!

Again, I haven't seen anywhere near 100% of Supernatural, so there may be things I've missed. But...

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Am I gonna have to write this myself, or what?

So, I've pretty much burned through every legible Supernatural/Harry Potter crossover on FFN and AO3, and all I've got to say is:

What's with the lacklustre fucking boggarts?

You've got Dean fucking Winchester over here, KING of trauma, Mr. Has Literally Been to Hell, and you're giving me 'John, being a meanie'? What???

We're talking WORST FEAR over here, not 'a drop in self-esteem-- you know, the same kind he's been dealing with for the last ~20 years.' And specifically, for the fic I've just taken a breather from to write this post-- Dean already thinks it's his fault his Dad's dead. How is it in any way terrifying for it to imitate a dead person and reaffirm something he already, consciously considers true?

It's just hard to take 'disapproval from his daddy' seriously at all when the boggart's got a dude that tortured him in Hell for longer than he's been alive at its disposal. Something that inflicted actual, psychological damage, something that would trigger an involuntary fear response even if he had reason to believe it would be impossible for it to actually be there.

This fic is even taking place in season 4, and before OTHOAP-- Where the fuck is Alastair?

Now, a lot of people pick 'Sam's dead body', and that would be better! But personally, I feel like a creature that relies solely on fear for self-defense would surely pick the most threatening option. Molly... Is not the strongest person alive. Corpses of people she knew were just downstairs were enough to take her down. Dean is not that emotional. The sheer sight of a corpse means next to nothing to him, so even that creep factor is not there.

Daredevil fic: Something Devilish (1/?)

Title: Something Devilish
Genre: Gen, Supernatural Elements
Length: 541 words
Summary: Written for this image prompt at the Daredevil kinkmeme:

A/N: Wow! First fanfic I've ever posted! I'm... Well, I'm technically filling my own prompt. I loved the idea, but I didn't expect to get the sudden inspiration to fill it. Concrit very welcome. I'm not sure where I'm going with this story, but I plan on going more into how the Matt we know and love fits into all of this. Suggestions and ideas would be very welcome!

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So I just started watching Daredevil.... (!!!!!)



...Anyone know of any fanfic communities? Or good authors? (I've pretty much cleaned out Ao3. It's such a new fandom! How exciting! I've never been part of a fandom from the beginning before!)

All I've found so far has been the kinkmeme, but it's a lot of combing since I'm not really looking for romance.

I just finished Nelson v Murdock and holy shit, does anyone else want a still-very-mad Foggy to meet Stick???

I'm such a sucker for one-character-finding-out-another-has-Issues h/c fics. Like Foggy meets Stick, and he realizes that maybe this HUGE DICK gave Matt massive trust issues and neurotic self-reliance. Or maybe he doesn't meet Stick, maybe just a coda where we actually see them having that big 'no more secrets' conversation, and Matt doesn't entirely realize how much Stick fucked with him, but Foggy totally does.

*sighs* I could go on all day, really...

Livejournal, we need to talk: Be considerate of your readers!

Repeat after me:

It isn't a proper community if it has no directory, no tags, and no search feature.

Livejournal has no search feature unless you set one up, and is not indexed by google. There is literally no way to comb through a blog without tags.

I ain't tryin' to yell at you, dudes, but nobody wants to read your entire community to find the one fic they want.

Honestly? It's rude. I mean, give a thought to your poor readers, huh?

So stop recommending me blogs like darkdean. Just stop.

And for the love of all that is holy-

Stop posting all 37 chapters of your fanfic in their own individual posts to a community.

Do you even know what spam is? I get it if you've got like, months between updates. But dude, are you really gonna make me scroll through 4 freaking pages to get to the next fic? It's not like I can just skip them- there's always some runaways in between.

So thank you, spnstoryfinders, your organization is a thing of unremitting beauty. If only other fandoms had such good finder blogs. Looking at YOU, Harry Potter.

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Ohman. So. I just read this Vampire!Dean fic (Not sure why it took me so long to find it. I think it's because the summary made it sound like it was gonna be Sam) and the ending was SO cool. It's given me the biggest urge to draw a Hellsing-esque Sam n' Dean. The kind of thing where you've got Sam, and then Dean's looming behind him looking scary as hell- a guardian type thing, arms outstretched. Though I'm having trouble finding a way to pose them in a way that won't make Sam look like a dependent manchild... And if I gave him the Integra treatment, I'm worried about making Dean look like a pet monster.


It isn't that Alucard isn't back-breakingly cool, it's just, you know, the relationship isn't an equal one, even if he is one of the most powerful characters... Well, ever.